How will the new budget impact motorcycle safety?

by Brooke Stirling - 07/04/2020

We’re not normally one to comment on politics, but on this occasion where the new budget stands to benefit bikers, we can’t help ourselves.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced £2.5 billion of the new budget would go towards fixing potholes in the UK, which is something we all struggle with when we’re out on the bike.

The increase is more than double that of previous years, which sat around the £1 billion mark, but it still won’t be enough to resolve all potholes and road blemishes.

To completely resolve the estimated 50 million potholes on UK roads, the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AA) has previously estimated £10 billion will be required.

So based on those numbers, can we expect a quarter of the existing potholes and blemishes will be sorted out over the next year?

One would think so, but something tells me we shouldn’t hold our breath...

In saying that, the AA President Edmund King was positive:

"Increased funding and a milder winter presents an opportunity to begin to catch up on the backlog, but any slackening off will simply pitch our roads back into a deep hole."

What roads are going to be safer for motorcyclists?

There are some key hotspots that have been identified as a particularly high priority for the road works, which include:

● A417 in the South West
● A428 in the East
● A46 in the Midlands
● A303 in the Midlands
● A1/A19 North or Newcastle
● A1 in Yorkshire, from Doncaster to Darrington
● Links between the M4 and Dorset Coast

There are some other improvements that will made with the newly announced funds, such as:

● Progressing the dualling of the A66 Trans-Pennine
● Upgrading the A46 Newark bypass to address congestion
● Assist Lower Thames Crossing works, boosting road capacity across the Thames east of London by 90%
● Improve the M60 Simister Island in Manchester to reduce delays
● Addition of a new dual-carriageway and two-mile tunnel in the South West to accelerate travel on the A303 and remove traffic from Stonehenge.

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Information source: Motorcycle News