Motorcycle Accident Compensation Payouts Explained

by Brooke Stirling - 09/08/2020

One of the most common questions we receive from new clients involved in an accident is “how much motorcycle accident compensation am I entitled to?”

This is a reasonable question to ask when deciding whether you will pursue legal action but, just as there are no two motorcycle accident cases that are the same, there is no standard answer for how much motorcycle accident compensation you receive.

Motorcycle accident compensation payouts differ vastly depending on a variety of factors; the extent of psychological injuries, amount of damage to the motorbike, equipment and belongings, injury prognosis and whether there has been a loss of earnings.

Another important question to ask an experienced motorcycle accident solicitor is whether they believe you have a successful claim or not, as this will often inform whether a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement can be offered, meaning the client is only required to pay legal fees if they are awarded compensation.

Case Study: Example of a Motorcycle Accident Compensation Payout

To provide an example of a possible motorcycle accident compensation payout, we look to a recently settled case where we acted on behalf of a motorcyclist in his late 30s, who was a self-employed plumber.

He was riding his Yamaha motorcycle on a country road in the Cotswolds when he became involved in an accident with a car in a head-on collision.

Liability was fully challenged by the Defendant’s insurers, who had obtained witness evidence supporting the Defendant's contention that the client was travelling at an excessive speed.

The case was expected to be heard in Court when, just before trial, a 50/50 liability settlement was reached.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries and the Importance of Medical Evidence

The injuries sustained included a tibial fracture to one leg and ligamentous damage to the knee.

The Off Your Bike team had sought medical advice from highly qualified experts experienced in legal reporting, with this medical evidence suggesting the need for at least 2 knee replacement procedures in the future.

This medical evidence was in dispute by the Defendant’s insurers, who had obtained their own knee orthopaedic report which contested Off Your Bike’s sourced medical evidence.

The client required long periods off work on account of medical surgical procedures, which put the client and his family under significant financial pressure.

The Off Your Bike legal team worked to ensure substantial interim payments were recovered to support the client and his family in the 2 years preceding the settlement.

A settlement reflective of a gross amount of £850 000 was achieved, following a joint settlement meeting shortly before the listed quantum trial date.

This is one example of a successful motorcycle accident settlement which, while the case did not go to trial, a significant settlement was achieved which compensated the client for his injuries, medical expenses and required time off work.

If you’ve been injured while riding your motorcycle, we encourage you to get in touch with our expert solicitors to discuss whether you have a motorcycle claim and, if so, how much motorcycle accident compensation you may be entitled to.

Please phone Off Your Bike on 0333 043 1241 or submit your enquiry online. To get a general estimation of your potential compensation entitlement, use our quick and easy claims compensation calculator.